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12 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Elephant Coloring Pages

Here are the original elephant coloring pages from way back in 2001!

02 October 2010 ~ Comments Off on Free Coloring Pages For Kids!

Free Coloring Pages For Kids!

Way back in 2004 I was working at an elementary school in San Diego where I live and every morning I would draw coloring pages for the kids. After I would draw them, we’d run them through the photocopier and all the kiddos would go into a coloring frenzy!

These are some of the original ones from way back then. I have a ton more (about 50 or 60) that I am going to work on uploading in the future, along with plenty of new ones I am creating every day.

Also – if you have been to the site before and tried to download the whole coloring book, but were unable to, I apologize. I never figured out why it wasn’t working… though I think it had to do with some fancy-pants, website technical stuff.

Oh well! All the free coloring pages from now on will be in (hopefully!) easy to print, download and use form. =)


-Kyle Tiernan