Any time I visit a school and present one of my elementary school assemblies, I bring 6 to 8 JUMBO sized posters with me to use as visual aids during the presentations. Then, most schools schedule my follow-up family fun night for their students, staff and parents… and… during these Family Drawing Night’s, I raffle off the posters to the kids in attendance. Oftentimes parents ask me where they can purchase a poster or two for their children, and until now, they have been unavailable for purchase.

How To Get Your Own Hand-Drawn Poster
Directly From Kyle Tiernan…
For Only $15 Bucks!

(Get Two For $20!)

1) Pick which poster you would like from the images below. (If you saw one during your schools assemblies that are not shown below, have your parents let me know which one it was, and chances are, I’ll be able to make it for you.)

2) Have your parents send me an email, describing which poster or posters you would like. (Only orders that come in from parents will be accepted!)

My email address is:

3) If you’re in San Diego, I’ll personally deliver the posters to you directly. If you are outside of San Diego, I will send the posters via Federal Express.

Here is what’s available. If you saw one during the Family Drawing Night, but not below, just let me know as they are all available. I will upload more photos just as soon as I can. Thanks!

Until I get the rest of the photographs uploaded, here is a list of other available options:

  • Fish kissing the Turtle
  • Pig
  • Frog
  • Crocodile
  • Koala Bear
  • Tucans
  • Panda Bear
  • Purple Dolphin
  • Purple Monkey
  • Orange Dinosaur T-Rex
  • Giraffe with Puzzle Pieces